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12 Interesting Facts That Help You Understand Your Loving Dog

  1. Dogs sleep an average of about 15 hours a day.
  2. Puppies have 28 milk teeth and will only have one tooth change in their lifetime, while adult dogs will have 42 teeth.
  3. Dogs rotate around before defecating to find the most comfortable and reassuring place to defecate.
  4. There are 13 types of blood in dogs, but only 8 of these 13 blood types meet international standards.
  5. Not all dogs are born to swim and some are really bad swimmers, for example, short-nosed dogs such as Pugs and French Bulldogs. Don't just throw your dog into the water, a dog that can't swim very well is at risk of drowning!
  6. The areas of the dog that dissipate heat are the tongue, the skin, the four paw pads and the muzzle. Shaving will not help to dissipate heat quickly, so do not shave your dog.
  7. Dogs are not purely colour blind, they can see blue and yellow. While there are three types of cone cells in the human eye, dogs have only two types of cone cells and are simply less able to discriminate between individual colours.
  8. Dogs drink by turning their tongues backwards into a spoon shape and rolling the water up into their mouths.
  9. Dogs understand that the body can quickly remove dirt from the body and that shaking the body after a bath can shake off 70% of the water from the body in 4 seconds.
  10. Dogs love their owners so much that they dream about them all the time!
  11. Like human fingerprints, each dog's nose has a different pattern, like its unique ID!
  12. As you spend time with your dog, they will become more and more like their owner, whether in looks, personality or habits.
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