Collection: Cat Bed

We have all been guilty of taking a nice relaxing nap in the afternoon on a weekend or weekday and enjoying the afternoon sun as we relaxed and dozed off. Just like humans, cats especially also like to have a bit of a snooze in the afternoon. That is why you should consider buying an adorable cat bed. PawPawUp has many cat beds, some of the cutest cat beds you could purchase for your lovely animal friend to sleep during the night or for a quick cosy afternoon nap.

If you think about it, humans can fall asleep on the couch, a sofa, a recliner or even on the floor, provided we are tired enough. However, our bodies benefit from a sturdier and more comfortable bed that supports our bodies. Like humans, cats also need a cat bed that supports their bones and muscles enough to allow adequate sleep and rest without stiffness or achiness. As your pet ages, it’s even more critical for them to have proper support. A cat bed provide the adequate comfort, warmth and support that your bed offers to your spine and body, just as it does for a cat. Out of all necessities for Cat accessories, a Cat bed is one of, if not the essential, items to purchase for your pet.

Another positive that a cat bed offers is a comfortable and warm environment for your cat to sleep in. However, this only works in union with situating the cat bed away from drafts which can easily make your cat cold. To better regulate their temperatures, cats require comfortable and warm spots but not too hot and away from chilly areas. This allows them to be comfortable and sleep properly. We love snuggling with our pets in bed. We also need a good night’s sleep without a paw in our faces or a tail across our noses. Having clean bedsheets and sleep areas is good for our health and wellness, especially if you’re prone to allergies. A cat bed is an adequate solution here. With a cat bed, your cat can have a place of its own and keep your bed sheets clean and away from any allergies. This does not necessarily imply that sleeping next to your pet is terrible.


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