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A Letter From Your Loving Pet

To My Dear Paw-rents:
Before you decide to bring me home as a pet, I want you to know one thing: I cannot be with you fur-ever, I only have 10-20 years in my life. 

It will take me a long time to understand your words, expressions, and tone of voice, so please give me more understanding, patience, and tolerance until I can understand.

It is easy for me to rely on and trust you because I know I can only rely on you for the rest of my life and there is nothing better than being able to live with you.

You have your families and friends and you will be busy with your own life every day, but you are all I have.

Sometimes I can be naughty, it's because I want to interact more with you and play with you, I don't mean any harm, please don't hate me.

Like humans, I grow old and get sick. But I will do my best to bear this pain alone, and I will try not to bother you, but please do not abandon me.

Please talk to me more often and keep me company, even if I can't fully understand your language, but as soon as I hear your voice, I am happy and will try my best to understand what you are saying.

My life is short compared to yours, but as long as I have you with me I am happy, please love me more!

Love you fur-ever

Pets are our family, they bring us joy, accompany and happiness. In their eyes, we are the world. Please take care of your pets, be there for them and look after them, they deserve your love.


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