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Are You Using The Right Food Bowl For Your Cat?

Many owners choose bowls for their cats with more emphasis on style rather than material and suitability. Material, height, width and antibacterial ability are all factors to consider when choosing a cat bowl.

  • The contact area with the cat should be more than 2 times the size of the cat's face, and the depth should be moderate, not too deep.
  • The bowl should be a high bowl or a curved bowl that has a 5-12 cm height to maximally protect cat's spine while eating.
  • The material is better than ceramic bowl and stainless steel, plastic is easy to breed bacteria. The ceramic bowls are more suitable for cats because it it anti-bacterial and black chin proofed. 
  • Automatic feeders are not recommended if you are not going to give a frequent clean, as they are easily to grow bacteria, the food bowl should be cleaned after every meal, the water bowl should be cleaned trough out every week and the water should be replaced daily with fresh, cool boiled water (plain water), especially the automatic water dispenser should be cleaned frequently as well as the filter should be replaced at least once 2 months.
  • Multi-cat households should ensure that each cat has its own food bowl and water bowl, regardless of the number of cats, the water bowl should be placed in more than one place, especially for cats that eat mainly dry food. If cats and dogs are kept together they should be placed in a high place where they will not be disturbed by the dog and not mixed with each other.



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