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Causes Of Vomiting In Cats

Many paw-rents panic when they see their cats vomiting and don't know what to do. This blog will summarise some of the common causes of vomiting in cats.

Vomit mixed with hair: Long-haired cats or cats going through the shedding season may vomit due to indigestion caused by licking up too much hair. A large amount of undigested hair can be clearly seen in the vomit.

Solution: Groom your cat every day, or feed your cat a daily dose of hair cream to help expel the hair from its gut.

Undigested food in the vomit: Your cat may really be experiencing indigestion or food allergies. Undigested food left in the stomach causes discomfort and vomiting. Food allergies can also cause some irritation and discomfort to your cat's gut, leading to vomiting.

Solution: Feed your cat a good quality and digestible food or wet food. Feed your cat small amounts, especially fast eater.

Clear white foam in the vomit: This is usually caused by a cat that has been fasting for too long, or is anorexic.

Solution: Please feed your cat regularly and do not go without food for long periods of time. If your cat vomits frequently, is in poor mood and loses its appetite, please take your cat to the doctor immediately.

Yellow or green vomit: this is usually due to excess acid in the cat's stomach. Gastroenteritis or overproduction of bile can also cause such vomit.

Solution: Please feed your cat in small amounts and try to focus on digestible food. If your cat continues to vomit frequently, please take your cat to hospital.

Blood or foreign body in the vomit: If your cat does not have previous gastrointestinal disease, then this is likely to be due to an accidental swallowing of a sharp foreign body that has caused a gastrointestinal cut.

Solution: Please take your cat to the vet immediately.

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