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Determining which Cat Toys to Purchase

Cats are an amazing feline companion. Many argue that cats are the best pet to have, after all they are so adorable and playful. Cats are very active animals, and they love to play around with toys, elusive lasers, or anything that keeps them entertained for hours. If you wish to let your cat have more fun as well as join in on the fun together, creating a stronger bond, you should consider a few things before purchasing cat toys.


Cat toys should be made from high-quality, durable, and safe materials. Cat toys should be purposefully designed to endure countless hours of play and enjoyment and should not whittle in a few hours. Cats can be rough, and they can be delicate, regardless of the nature of play, cat toys should be able to withstand the hours. The material of the cat toy is also very important to consider, natural feathers, synthetic fur, and wool are amazing products to purchase for your cat, as they mimic animals that cats consider prey. However, cat toys that have loose parts or glued on objects, should be avoided as they can be ingested by your cat and cause health issues.


Cats can be very active and will require a variety of cat toys to keep them entertained. With feline instincts, cats like to stalk their prey, so having cat toys that exhibit movements will allow cats to hone their predatory instincts and skills. Other cat toys that may also be worth considering is scratching posts, that allow them to stretch, exercise and healthily sharpen their claws. 


Safety is a vital aspect to consider when purchasing cat toys. Choking hazards, intestinal blockages, safety pin attachments, and many more can cause sever harm to your cat. Therefore, it is important to consult with experts regarding the cat toy you wish to purchase. Cat toys are abundant in nature and there are a variety of cat toys you can purchase but ensuring the safety of your cat is always a priority, despite how fun the toy may look.


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