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Feline-Frendly Herbaceous-Based Cat Toy-Know The Differences Before Make Your Cat Go Crazy

Most cats may appreciate toys containing catnip and polygonum. These amazing herbs are also often found on cat toys too. They are secret weapons cat lovers use to turn even the laziest couch potato into a crazy furry ball (Usually, 30% of cats are not interested in these cat toys at all). However, do you know the different effects these herb cat toys have on your cat?


Catnip is a plant that's famous for attracting cats. They are often added to cat toys. It contains nepetalactone that causes that characteristic euphoria in our feline babies. Catnip works not only for cats but also for other felines, including lynxes, tigers etc. (although we are well aware that most people do not keep either of these as "pets"). 

A single tiny amount of catnip has no side effects on cats. On the contrary, it is perfect for cats who spend a lot of time indoors. Catnip relieves cats' anxiety. It also stimulates and promotes exercise to make cats excited and active, thus preventing them from becoming obese.

About 60-75% of adult cats will respond to catnip with excitement. Most cats react to catnip by purring, rolling, flipping, and rubbing, and you will see a cute furry ball rolling around your house. However, When your cat leaves the track and becomes hyperactive or downright aggressive, especially when you try to touch them, it means that your cat is overreacting to the catnip. In this case, you should stop giving them catnip by taking out the catnip bag from the cat toy (if the cat toy has a zippered catnip bag) or reduce the use amount and frequency ( if you are spreading catnip on a cat toy).


Polly-go-numb? Polly-gone-noom? It is not the easiest herb name to pronounce. In short, whatever it is, the health benefits Polygonum offers two-leggers and their four-leggers felines are remarkable (despite this herb is also beneficial to humans, please don't try to steal cat toys from your cat).

Polygonum is a rod-like attachment you can find on some cat toys, especially those that are chewable and lickable. Almost all cats will not say no to the polygonum cat toy. It contains antioxidants, healthy fatty acids and tetrahydroxystilbene glucoside that improve cats' digestion and immune system and maintains their skin and brain health. In addition, polygonum cat toys can also be used to clean your cat's teeth and maintain their oral health. 

Polygonum is multi-talented when it comes to our furry babies. It combines the effects of cat grass and catnip with the added benefits of digestive maintenance, anti-inflammation, immune boosting and dental cleaning.

Both catnip and ploygonum work their magics on your feline friends. Choose the right catnip/polygonum toys for your darling kitty and you’ll notice a health improvement!


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