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Choose An Entertaining And Healthy Scratcher For Your Cats

Our feline friends scratch to sharpen their claws, relieve stress, and mark their territory when playing. Choosing the proper cat scratcher  from a pet store can be frustrating because there are so many styles. Sometimes, you may end up having a scratching toy that your cat virtually ignores, and instead, those furry potatoes will go and play with your couch, carpet and chairs...


When choosing a scratching toy from pet stores, consider some features your cats like about sharpening their claws.


Sturdiness and comfort: The cat scratcher toy should be stable and curved. A swing and flat scratcher will never be your cat's favourite as he cannot stretch his muscles and lie comfortably. A weighted and curved (bowl or wave-shaped) cat scratcher will bring the benefits of exercising and stretching to your cat.


Materials: According to cats' primal instincts, they prefer sharpening on sturdy materials that can shred under their paws. In this case, corrugated paper and sisal ropes will be great scratching surfaces for your feline babies. Shedding is very fun for cats. However, too much shedding will mess up your floors, so quality paper and sisal tend to have long durability and less mess.

Shapes and styles: You may see cat scratchers in the pet store designed with styles and forms (cars, houses, boxes.etc.) It's a great idea to provide a multipurpose scratching surface that also serves as a perch from which your cat can explore inside and outside, take a nap and play "hide and seek".


Most perfect cat scratcher-Cat Tree: The cat tree is undoubtedly an ideal cat toy/scratcher. They cater for all aspects of a cat's life, including scratching, climbing, hiding, exploring, resting, stretching and playing. Investing in a suitable cat tree with different levels, loungers, scratch poles, and dangling toys will benefit their health and life.

PawPawUp pet store provides practical, stylish, affordable pet products including pet bowls, cat toys, and dog toys etc. that your feline/canine friends will love. We understand the unconditional love you share with your darling pet - throughout the happy/frustrating times and everything in between. That is why our pet store is here to make paw-rents and their fur babies easier and build lifelong friendships. 



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