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Get To Know More About Your Beloved Dog

Taking care of a pet dog is not easy, not only do you need to meet their basic needs such as feeding them, taking them for walks and playing with them. You will also need to learn a lot about dog ownership so that you can get to know your dog better.

  • A normal dog's body temperature is usually between 37.5°C and 39°C. A puppy's body temperature will be a little higher, but no more than 0.5°C. In summer or during exercise, the dog's body temperature may also be higher.
  • The temperature of your dog's bathing water should be kept between 39-42°C. Bathing water that is too cold or too hot can be uncomfortable for your dog.
  • Dogs' nails are made up of nails and vascular lines. When cutting your dog's nails, do not cut the vascular lines, as this may cause pain or even inflammation.
  • Dogs' ear holes are not vertical, but L-shaped, so when you use vertical cleaning tools to clean your dog's ears, it can easily cause damage, so it is advisable to consult your Vet or choose professional cleaning products when cleaning your dog's ears.
  • Undesexed female dogs will also have a period, usually twice a year for about 30 days (the first period will normally last for 6-8 months).
  • The average life expectancy of small dogs is higher than that of large dogs, and the life span of a dog is much shorter than that of a human.
  • Most dogs are afraid of being alone at home, which can make them feel lonely, anxious or even scared. This explains why your dog will come running to you every time you get home.
  • As dogs are more sensitive to sounds than humans, they hate noise, especially horns, firecrackers, thunder and lightning, and loud, constant noise can make dogs anxious and uncomfortable. Of course, their biggest fear is scolding from their owners.
  • Dogs have an extremely sensitive sense of smell and hate strong perfumes, fragrances and tobacco, which can damage their olfactory system to a certain extent.
  • Dogs can also be "infected" with yawning, so try it out!
  • More than 70% of dogs will look in the mirror and think there is another strange dog in the mirror.
  • A de-sexed dog taking an oath of sovereignty by "riding" against humans or other dogs.

These are some of the facts about dogs, so please learn more to understand your dog better!

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