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How To Choose The Right Cat Carrier

Those who have indoor cats would like to take their cats out into the world as much as those who have dogs. It would be perfect if your cat is used to going out on a leash. Conversely, choosing a suitable cat carrier is a great way to keep your cat safe for outside playtime.

This blog summarises some common types of cat carriers and their advantages and disadvantages for your reference:

1. Capsule cat carrier

This type of cat carrier is easy and comfortable to carry and very convenient for carrying your cat. 

However, these types of cat carriers are relatively small in space and are more suitable for kittens and small-sized cats. If the cat is too large and heavy, it may feel stressed and uncomfortable in it. Therefore, the capsule cat carrier is suitable for small cats or kittens.

2. Transparent cat carrier

This type of cat carrier has always been sold for its beautiful design and gorgeous, the fully transparent design allows the bag to be 360 degrees free and the cat to look around freely. If you have never taken your cat outside or if your cat is very timid, please consider this type of cat carrier with caution, as the transparent design may cause some cats to become anxious and fearful of the "uncovered" outside environment. So please choose with discretion.

3. Double shoulder canvas cat carrier

This type of cat carrier is usually very spacious and cats can turn around and lie down at will. It is highly breathable and your cat will not feel stuffy. The disadvantage is that it is heavy and becomes heavier when loaded with cats (especially large cats). The canvas material is not very supportive and can be easily deformed once it has been squeezed.

4. Airline cat carrier

This type of cat carrier is the safest. It is spacious, comfortable and breathable. However, most of the boxes are made of PVC and are of a larger size, which is not easy to carry, takes up more space and can become heavy when loaded with cats.

5. Luggage style cat carrier

This type of cat carrier is very labour-saving and allows you to pull with your cat to stay inside. There is plenty of space and cats (even small dogs) can turn around and lie down freely in it. The disadvantage is that, like a suitcase, it tends to make noise when encountering uneven surfaces and is not easy to pull.

Whatever style of cat carrier you buy, please consider your needs, your cat's personality and habits before choosing the most suitable one.



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