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New To Cat Owner Why Do Cats Pee Everywhere? How Can We Fix It?

Have you ever had a cat pee everywhere? There is a reason why cats pee everywhere. Cats are inherently very clean animals and must clean their fur every day, as well as defecating in a regular spot. If a cat has been in the habit of defecating in the litter tray since it was young, it will generally not pee everywhere.

Why do cats suddenly peeing everywhere? There are several reasons:

Unclean Litter Box:

small litter boxes or problems with the quality of the litter can lead to cats being dissatisfied with the environment and choosing to defecate in "other" places.

Solution: There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing cat litter. Choose a cat litter that is easy to clean, one that absorbs quickly, one that does not stick to the bottom and one that is highly odour-absorbent.

Clean the litter tray regularly every day and change the clean litter every three days or weekly. The litter tray needs to be cleaned every half month or once a month.

PawPawUp recommends Forsure Tofu cat litter, which absorbs quickly in 2 seconds, clumps in 3 seconds, does not stick easily, is dust-free, all natural and non-toxic, and is perfect for new cat owners.


If you bring home a cat that has been new to you, or some scent that is very unfamiliar to your cat, it may cause stress to other cats, which may pee indiscriminately to attract the owner's attention or mark territory.

Solution: Newly arrived cats should be isolated from other cats for at least a week to give them a chance to slowly become familiar with each other's scents. Secondly using separate litter trays is also a good way to prevent cats from abandoning their litter trays and urinating everywhere due to territoriality.

Recommended litter trays for new cat owners to make it easy for your cat to use, as well as to help you clean up your cat's litter easily:

Physiological Reasons:

If your cat is not neutered, when they are in heat they will mark territory by urinating everywhere and the smell of urine will be louder and more difficult to remove than usual.

Solution: De-sexing your cat will not only solve the problem of peeing around in heat, but will also help to prevent further illnesses. Taking your cat to Vet for regular health checks and urging your cat to drink more water and clean water can also help prevent kidney disease。

If your cat has recently been neutered or has experienced other illnesses that require an E-Collar, then a suitable, comfortable and safe E-Collar is essential:

Cat's behaviour of peeing everywhere requires careful observation by the owner to identify the correct cause and address it promptly. Spend time with your cat, let them relax and seek medical attention for any illnesses. Cats are small animals so they cannot express their discomfort in words, so owners should pay attention to their cat's diet, behaviour and mood to prevent illness or misbehavior from happening.

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