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Proper Ways To Interact With Dogs And To Pet Them

Dogs are like humans, different dogs have different personalities. Some dogs are very sociable, easy-going, friendly, and enjoy being petted. However, some dogs are timid and wary of people they don't know well, so please don't pet them to avoid any unnecessary troubles if you are meeting them for the first time. This blog will give you some simple tips on the right way to behave with your dog.

1. For wary dogs, use treats to attract and please, many dogs are not resistant to good food and this is one of the most direct ways to get them to want to be near you. (If it's another dog that does not belong to you, make sure you ask the owner for permission before feeding).
2. Use toys to attract the dog's attention and make him want to play with you. Playing with dogs is an interactive skill that indirectly develops your bond with your dog.
3. Make sure dogs can see where your hand is before petting them. If the dog is willing to come up and smell your hand, you're halfway there.
4. Try to crouch down and stay on the same level as your dog when interacting with them (some timid dogs will feel very pressured if you stand up and they will want to avoid you).
5. Don't try to pet dogs you don't know while they are eating, as dogs that tend to protect their food can be aggressive if disturbed while eating.
6. Never pull or tug on your dog's tail. Dog's tail is at the end of the spine and each bone is wrapped in muscles and nerves, so if you pull on the dog's tail you can easily injure them or even cause them to attack you out of pain.
7. Many dogs will show their trust to you for petting once they have developed a trusting relationship with you. This is because your dog's belly is the softest and most vulnerable part of their body, so if they are willing to expose their belly to you, it means they like and trust you.

The pictures below will show you which part of your dog's body is most comfortable to stroke.

Some Cool Toys That You Can Use To Interact With You Beloved Dog:

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