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Recommendations On What You Need Before Your New Cat Get Home

Surely, all owners are excited before they take home their new cat and are busy preparing supplies and creating their cat's a comfy and fun place. So what exactly are the essentials to prepare? This article will give you some useful advice.

1. Food bowl: Large, ceramic bowls are a good choice as they are easy to clean, anti-bacterial and keep food fresh. A bowl with a large opening will make eating more comfortable for your cat.

ZeZe Ceramic Pet Bowl

2. Cat Litter Tray/Box: A litter tray is a necessity for cat ownership. For the new cat owners, a spacious, open litter tray is easier to clean and manage, and for cats, different types of cats have different needs for a litter tray, but you won't go wrong with a spacious, deep one.

HoneyCare Whale Shaped Big Cat Litter Box

3. Cat Litter: Many cat owners have a difficult time choosing a cat litter because there are so many different types of cat litter on the market. If you want a litter that absorbs quickly, clumps quickly, has good odour control-ability, is non-toxic and can be flushed away, then Tofu cat litter is a good choice as it includes almost all of the above features.

Forsure Tofu Cat Litter

4. Cat Carrier: Choosing a large, breathable, good quality cat carrier is essential to provide a comfortable and safe journey for your cat, whether you are taking him or her to the vet or out and about.

Alarm Clock Pet Carrier Shoulder Bag

5. Cat Scratching Board: It is natural for cats to sharpen their claws. Choosing a quality corrugated cardboard cat scratching board will satisfy your cat's need to sharpen its claws, relax, and help you effectively prevent your home from being damaged.

Tinypet Sailboat Cat Scratching Board

6. Cat Stick/Tassel: Hunting is part of a cat's nature, which is one of the reasons why a cat teaser is such a must-have. Fun teasers are great for triggering a cat's hunting nature, satisfying their curiosity, exercise and playfulness.

Fairy Cat Wand Cat Stick ZeZe

7. Cat Tree/Climbing Frame: Cat trees are a must-have for cat owners. Not only do they meet the needs of cats for climbing and jumping, but most cat trees also provide a post to sharpen their claws, a place to rest and a place to look out, so they are an all-in-one item.

Tinypet Galaxy Meow Team Cat Climbing Tree

8. Cat Brush/Combo: Cats do clean their own fur, but that doesn't mean they don't need your help with their routine coat cleaning. Regular grooming will reduce shedding, tangles and make your cat's coat healthier, and will also make your cat less likely to spit up.

PB+ SpaceCat Stainless Steel Pet Hair Brush Comb

9. Nail Clippers: Cats will sharpen their own claws, but their nails need to be trimmed regularly, not only to prevent them from getting injured by overgrown nails but also to protect their owners from scratching and furniture from getting damaged.


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