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Teaching your Cat to Love its Carrier

As a pet owner, the responsibilities of a cat can be quite offloading considering how cats are usually low maintenance and intelligent animals that can look after themselves. However, when it comes to road trips, adventures and travelling, bringing your cat along can be quite difficult. The difficulty of bringing your cat along is much simpler with a cat carrier! Cat carriers are easy and safe and durable for ensuring your cat is secure and comfortable during travel, making your travel stress-free. Today we will investigate how you can make your cat love their cat carrier!



When you present the cat with a cat carrier, you want them to familiarise the smell and texture of their carrier. Encourage the cat to interact with it and get used to it. You can further encourage it by putting a favourite blanket or toy inside so that the cat can associate a positive connection with the cat carrier. You can encourage them by also feeding the cat next to the cat carrier to allow them to be more comfortable with the object. If despite all this encouragement, you may be required to let them treat themselves inside the cat carrier whilst distracting them for them to cooperate.



An important aspect of making your cats love their cat carrier is to get them to understand and reinforce a positive correlation between their carriers. This will eventually cause the cat to enter the cat carrier and become more adjusted and comfortable to its new surrounding environment. During positive reinforcement, under no circumstances should you consider closing the cat carrier as they are trying to be comfortable with a closed environment.


Securing the Carrier Door

Once the cat has slightly adjusted towards the cat carrier you need to be able to see how it will be when it is locked inside the carrier. Close the carrier slowly and by a small amount and increase the duration it is closed for until the cat becomes completely comfortable. Use positive reinforcement and rewards to allow your cat to be more cooperative for the cat carrier.



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