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The Facts Behind The Cat Stick And Tips on How To Use It

For every product that is invented, there must be a reason and a principle behind it. With these questions in mind, let's start today's journey into the "right way to use a cat stick".

What is the purpose of the cat stick?

  • Cat sticks are used to satisfy a cat's hunting mentality and to maintain a full life.

In the same way that walking a dog satisfies the need to move around and mark territory, hunting is an essential part of a cat's life. 

  • Build a sense of control and confidence

Cats are also territorial and have the mentality of repelling and hunting foreign 'objects' that invade their territory. By giving your cat a teasing stick, you are setting up a scenario where prey is intruding and your cat is successful in hunting it down! This is very important in building your cat's confidence and strengthening its sense of control over its environment.


  • Preventing scratching and biting behaviour in cats

The main reason for cats to scratch and chew on family members' hands and feet and slippers are that they are not provided with toys to scratch and chew on. By choosing a teasing stick to interact with your cat, you can effectively train your cat to understand what it can and cannot scratch and bite.


The correct way to use a cat stick?

To maximise the value of the cat teaser, it is important to remember the following three principles: fidelity, safety and suitability.

  • Firstly, take out the cat teasing stick and put the "prey" in the cat's observation range to attract the cat's attention, then move slowly away from the cat, using the home environment, such as tables, chairs and sofas, to create the illusion that the "prey is about to escape". The cat's mentality at this point: what dares to invade my territory?
  • When the cat approaches, the owner adjusts the distance of the teasing stick so that the stick moves away from the cat and is not easily caught. Note: No prey will approach the cat of its own accord, so the teasing stick must be moved in the opposite direction of the cat's movement.
  • Allow the cat to chase for a period of time to stimulate the cat's 'anger' and create an 'I'm going to get you' mentality. At this time, the cat will have a great sense of satisfaction and confidence when it captures its prey. It may think to itself: "You can't run away, but you can't escape from me? Look, master, I am really great!

Applicability of the cat stick?

The nature of the teaser stick is that the cat is prey to be eventually caught; when the cat has caught its prey, it will eat it. So by improving the suitability of the teaser stick, you are improving the cat's experience during play.

  • The teasing stick should not be too easy for the cat to catch during play.
  • The prey must, eventually, be captured by the cat.
  • The last step for cats to catch their prey is to eat it. But we can't give the cat a teaser stick, so it's a very appropriate time to eat after the activity. Let the kitten know: I will get food when I have successfully hunted. Also, let the kitten know that food will only be given if it hunts and tears normally. This is why the activity of teasing the cat with the stick is best carried out before the cat's last meal of the day.

The following are a few details to keep in mind when choosing a cat teaser:

  • Smart teasers do not need to be used all the time, as prolonged use can cause your cat to lose interest and the sense of accomplishment that comes with hunting.
  • The cat teaser consists of a toy head + support bar. Choose a material that is as tough and non-toxic as possible or plush.
  • The length of the teasing stick should not be too short. This is for the safety of the owner. If it is too short, it can easily be scratched by mistake.
  • Choose elastic materials. Stretchy teasers and toys will automatically give your cat a reaction force after catching because of the bounce, making your cat feel like the prey is getting away and making the hunt more realistic.

The following are areas that should be avoided during the use of a cat teaser:

  • The teasing stick should not be rushed towards the cat or drawn in a circle around the cat. This is an act that seriously reduces the cat's experience.
  • Do not fling the teasing stick too quickly, but ensure that you slowly speed up the movement within the cat's reaction speed and reduce the speed when appropriate.
  • Avoid touching your cat with your hands and feet during teasing. At this time the cat is in a highly concentrated and tense state and is prone to attack without thinking, even if it does not intend to attack you.
  • Some cats are not suitable for frequent interaction with teasing sticks. For example, Garfield and Fold are both unsuitable for prolonged play due to their body structure and physiology. For Garfield, playing with the teaser stick 2-3 times per week is sufficient and should be stopped when severe panting occurs during the process. For healthy cats of other breeds, 30 minutes of activity time per day is very appropriate. Cats with heart conditions and older cats should always use the teasing stick with caution.
  • Cat teasers should be changed frequently. Cat teasers are relatively inexpensive, so you can buy a dozen of them at once for the cost of two bags of cat food. It is easier to maintain your cat's interest in playing by changing the sticks frequently.

If your cat is constantly biting and scratching you and jumping up and down in the house, then you need to think about whether it's been a long time since you've interacted with your cat. Unleash your kitty's hunting instincts and grab your cat's teasing stick for half an hour before the last meal of the day! Let her let off steam and help her owner get a restful night's sleep!

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