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Throw Out That Pet Bowl And Get The Puzzle Time Started

Fast eaters? Fussy eaters? Parents may have a headache over the eating behaviour of their pooch babies. If you are a paw-rent to a tricky eater, you might be looking for solutions from pet store to make your fur baby's mealtime slower, happier or more stimulating. In this case, pet eating puzzle might be a perfect answer!

Dog toy such as an eating puzzle offers your pooch friends a wide range of benefits. The benefits include physical fitness, weight management, eating behaviour correction, and stress relief. Getting a couple of eating puzzles with different challenges from the pet store could relief your dog's boredom, slowing their eating speed or stimulating their desire to eat.

1. Eating puzzle increases your dog's satiety

Like humans, you don't feel complete when sitting at the table with delicious food, but when you leave the table and stand up, you may feel like your stomach is about to explode. Dogs are no different. Eating too quickly can reduce your dog's reaction to the feeling of fullness. Even after their meal, they are still eager for a little more from their paw-rents. When your dog looks at you with pity and innocence eyes, no one can resist giving them a little more, and, to be a consequence, this is the cause of obesity, bloating, and indigestion in dogs. Eating puzzles come with different barriers and challenges, which will slow your dog's eating, extend their mealtime, and in this case, increase their satiety, reduce indigestion, and maintain your dog's weight.

2. Eating puzzle develop dogs' intelligence and maintain their mental health

"We are not food haters, we are just getting bored!" Dogs also get bored with the same food and bowl comes to their eating routine. Using a eating puzzle toy promotes dogs' natural instincts of hunting and exploring, encouraging them using their brains and spending a lot more time getting the food out of the eating puzzle. This is a good way to help dogs relief their boredom. When they have something to do, they will less likely to be destructive.

3. Making mealtime happier for fussy eaters

Eating puzzles is an excellent dog bowl and dog toy to increase your dog's motivation to eat. Dogs naturally get pleasure from sniffing, licking, exploring and chewing. Finding food from eating puzzles is more like hunting in the wildlife, making mealtime more exciting and challenging.


Despite the benefits of the eating puzzle, the following tips are important when introducing eating puzzles to your pooch friend:

  • Choose suitable eat puzzles from the pet storeYou should consider your dog's size, mobility and food type before purchasing eating puzzles.
  • Slowly introduce the eating puzzle to your dog: Allowing your dog to familiarise themself with the eating puzzle rather than directly replacing the food bowl with an eating puzzle.
  • Having more eating puzzles instead of 1: Having more than one eating puzzle, with different levels of difficulty and styles, and making the mealtime vary from day to day.
  • Never overfeeding: Even if your dog shows a strong interest in eating puzzles, please do not overfeed your dog. Overfeeding is a major cause of obesity and other health problems in dogs.

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