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Tips For Choosing The Right Food Bowl For Your Fur Baby

Did you know that up to 80% of owners that cannot properly choose the right cat bowl?

If a cat does not have a suitable food bowl, this can lead to a number of consequences.
1. Black chin
2. Loss of appetite
3. Spinal injury
3. Digestive problems

Here are some useful tips and bowl recommendations to help you choose the right bowl for your cat. Learn now! 

Cat Bowl Material

  • Plastic Bowls: easy to breed bacteria and cause your cat's black chin
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  • Stainless Steel: Durable and sturdy, but easy to knock over because of its light weight.
  • Glass Bowls: Stunning, heavy but very easy to be broken.
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  • Ceramic Bowls: Combines the pros of stainless steel and glass bowls in terms of price, quality and other performance, could be a very good choice for pet owners.


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Cat Bowl Size
The size of the bowl should fit your cat's appetite.
The size for both small and large cats should be around 13 cm (considered as a suitable bowl size for all cats)

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Bowl Height

  • Normal Height Bowl (not a high bowl but has a suitable and certain height): Suitable for older cats, who like to get down and eat.

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Especially for older cats

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  • Tall Bowl: For cats that like to sit and eat, perfectly prevent them from spine injury. Also for cats that do not have a particular preference. High bowls are also recommended for cats with no particular preference, to better protect their cervical spine.

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