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Which Should I Buy for My Cat?

Cats are an adorable ball of fluff, intelligent, playful, and absolutely cute that will melt any heart away. Now many people may have just bought their new pet cat and are wondering what the necessary equipment are I should buy for my cat. Listed below are a few basics that we highly recommend you purchase for your cat.

Carrier or Crate

A carrier or crate is an essential way to bring your cat to the vet for check ups or to bring it outside if it is an indoor cat not used to a leash. A carrier or crate should be safe and sturdy with plenty of ventilation and easy for your cat to get in and out. Size is important to ensure that the cat is comfortable and relaxed rather than stressed. For small kittens we recommend a capsule cat carrier. It is very easy and comfortable to carry. For larger cats you have a of carriers to choose, from a transparent cat carrier, double shoulder canvas cat carrier or luggage style cat carrier.

Cat Toys

Cats are very playful pets, make sure to provide a variety of safe toys for them. One of their favourite activities is pouncing so have small, light objects that are flickable or things that they can chase. Something as simple as fishing rod toys or balls. There is an assortment of cat toys that you can choose from but make sure that they are safe and not harmful. At Pawpawup you can trust in our products and their safety for your cat as well as their enjoyment.

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Food and Water Bowls

Food is essential to keep a healthy cat. However, you should not immediately jump to a new cat food that differed from what the breeder or shelter or pet store was initially feeding. Give your cat something familiar to eat as it slowly adjusts to the first few weeks being at home. Depending on the cats age, you may need to follow a special diet, it is best to ask the place where you bought the cat what its diet should be. Moreover, you need to have appropriate bowls to feed it the food and for it to hydrate. The bowls should be weighted at the bottom to avoid tipping and purposefully designed to slow the eating time and prevent choking. You should wash the bowls daily and place them far away from the litter boxes as cats do not like to eat and do their business in the same locations.


Cats can literally sleep anywhere but a favourite place for napping will be a warm and soft bed located in a place that makes them comfortable and safe. Whichever bed you choose make sure it is large enough for your cat to lay down, stretch and offers a sense of security. Check our options of cat beds here.

Litterbox or Litter Gear

There is an assortment of litterboxes to choose from. A self-cleaning litter box, a normal litter box or a hooded litter box. Self-cleaning litter boxes however may terrify the cat and are expensive, a normal litter box or hooded litter box are generally more preferrable. Try to find a litterbox that has superior odour control, minimises dust and trains your cat to use the litter box.

Collar and ID Tag

Cats should wear a collar attached with an ID tag. The tag should have your basic contact information and address. More importantly the collar should be comfortable and will not irritate the cat’s neck or affect their breathing or swallowing. Usually, you want to have two fingers length to fit between the collar and the neck.

Scratching Posts

Another activity cats like to do is to scratch. By providing them a place to scratch you can help them with their urges and reduce cleaning up their fur over your couches or any other places. A scratching post should have a sturdy base to prevent it from falling over and should be decently tall. Have a browse at our scratching posts.


Cats are an adorable and rewarding and enjoyable pet to keep and establish an amazing relationship. Whether you are looking for new cat toys to replace your worn-out ones or looking for the necessities for your new kitten, Pawpawup are here to help you with our plethora of friendly cat products.

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