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Why Are Cats So Addicted to Paper Boxes?

The manual how to catch a cat: 

  1. Bring an empty box.
  2. Wait for a while.
  3. The cat is caught!

Cats love boxes because of their nature:

For cats, the act of getting into the box is more of a conditioned reflex. Their ancestors had many natural enemies in the wild, so cats hiding in small and concealed spaces can better help them to see their enemies and prevent them from attacking them from behind or from the side.

Cats like boxes because they feel comfortable in them:

Generally, boxes make cats feel safe and comfortable, in the same way that humans find sofas very comfortable. Having a small, secluded space to sleep and rest is very important to cats.

"Circles" and "barriers" to some extent are very attractive to cats:

It has heard that if we make a circle on the floor with clothes, cloth, string or other objects, we will 'catch' a cat. A somewhat high barrier (such as the sides of a cardboard box) also has a mysterious appeal to cats, especially corrugated cardboard boxes, both to satisfy their curiosity and to allow them to sharpen their paws as they explore.

The box is also a warm "bedroom" for the cats:

Cats are very sensitive to temperature. They like warm places. As soon as the weather gets colder, they will find a warmer place on their own. A cardboard box can insulate cats from the cold to a certain extent. Boxes are warm, safe and comfortable and are preferred by many cats over the winter.

Now you know why your cat loves boxes, Pawpaw Up's range of cat boxes are great in value, comfort, safety and price! Choose a good cat box and let your cat rest, sharpen its claws and have fun. A good looking cat box will also make a great addition to your home.

Here are the most popular cat boxes from our website, check it out!

BUDACATS Pajamas Cat Scratching Board


  • Unique design
  • Premium quality
  • Stable and durable
  • Spacious interior

Fruity Milk Box Cat Scratching Board


  • Cute design
  • No chopping
  • High quality corrugated paper
  • Multi-functional

Tinypet Big Crazy Animal Series Cat Scratcher


  • Cute design
  • Double entry
  • High density corrugated paper
  • Hidden and 'wrapped' cave entrance

Tinypet Little Cat's Bubble Bath Vertical Corrugated Paper Cat Scratching Box


  • Unique design
  • Deep and spacious
  • High privacy
  • Lots of fun

Tinypet Dinosaur Vertical Corrugated Paper Cat Scratching Board


  • High density corrugated paper
  • No messy and no flaking
  • Comfortable curve for sharpening paws
  • Double entry 
  • Stable base for cats to lie down and relax



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