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Why it is Important to Exercise your Cat and How

Cat toys are an essential accessory for their health, longevity and for you to bond together. However, many owners tend to neglect a cat’s health, and some end up overweight. Overweight cats will not live if they should have and can cause many other health complications such as heart disease and diabetes. That is why today we will discuss the importance of cat toys and their relationship with how you should exercise cats.


Exercising for cats as a daily routine will ensure they stay fit and healthy and maintain a healthy weight. Using cat toys, cats will be more engaged and intrigued and are more likely and easier to adapt to the new routine which will lead to a healthier lifestyle. Moreover, cat toys enable cats to use muscles in their bodies and refine their predatory instincts.

Interactive Toys

Interactive cat toys are great accessories for cats to encourage their physical movements and exercise. Interactive cat toys facilitate certain activities and keep cats engaged and curious which allows them to be enamoured and captivated by the cat toys for hours on end. This will thus allow cats to live active and proactive lifestyles that is beneficial for their health and life.

Recreation Centre

Utilising various cat toys, you can be creative and create a cat playground or recreation centre. This recreation centre can act as an exercise station that allows cats to be active with various cat toys for hours without being bored. Cat toys can range from cat wheels, climbing trees, scratch posts, interactive cat toys and many more options. A recreation centre designed with cat toys is limitless and is a wonderful potential for providing exercise for your cat.


If the cat is unwilling to follow or be active bribe them. Cats learn by conditioning, use their favourite cat toys to condition them into associating exercising with reward systems to allow them to lead a healthier lifestyle. This is a cause and effect, whereby they realise that if they exercise, they will be rewarded their cat toy.


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