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Why you should Invest in a Quality Cat Tree!

As a cat owner, you would have noticed that they love to scratch. Cats tend to scratch furniture, pillows, blankets, carpet or anything it seems! For many cat owners, many are tired of their pet destroying their furniture with their claws. Whilst this may be frustrating, cat owners need to acknowledge that this is a basic animal instinct of cats. The easiest way to counter their tendency to scratch and destroy furniture is to invest in a quality cat tree! Let’s have a quick rundown of why you should consider a cat tree and purchase a quality cat tree.

Keeps a Cat’s Claws Healthy

When a cat scratches their claws they do it not only as their instinct, but also to maintain their claw health. Scratching away at a cat tree ensures that their claws can shed loose layers from their claws. These dead layers can be easily removed, allowing them to be healthy and sharp! Purchasing a quality cat tree that is durable will ensure that when a cat tree the surface of the cat tree is able to maintain its durable form allowing for continual use. With a poor-quality cat tree, a cat may resort to scratching elsewhere or you may be spending an unnecessary amount of money on poor quality cat trees.

Form of Exercise and Stress Reliever

Cat trees allow cats to stretch. If you purchase a quality and tall cat tree, this forces the cat to move their entire body whilst scratching their paws. Stretching is great for your cats as it ensures their muscles are primed and working. By standing on their hind legs, the stretches and scratching on a cat scratcher ensures their muscles are working as well as release their anxieties. Scratching for cats is also a form of releasing their emotions.

Save Furniture

Cats scratching with their claws on a quality cat scratcher ensures that they will not scratch or ruin your furniture or carpet. To ensure that the cat tree works, lure it using catnip or attach items on the scratcher for the cat to scratch and use.


At Pawpawup, we pride ourselves as a cat pet store capable of providing high quality, pet friendly and affordable pet accessories for your cat. Looking for the perfect cat tree that you and your cat will love? Check out our cat trees selection today! Our cat trees are quality and made from pet friendly material that is not only safe for your pet but also highly durable for long use of scratches!

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