Collection: Cat Litter

It is a given that when you buy a litter tray, you also buy cat litter. Cats want a litter that stimulates them to dig into the soil as well as be comfortable when doing their business. Remember that by adding a layer of litter, they will dig into the litter before doing their business and then cover it up. Using litter can help protect the bottom layer of the tray. Cats are also very picky when it comes to using the litter. Litter helps contain and absorb the smell, if the tray is too smelly, the cat will avoid it.

Our selection of litter is minimal however, we offer a quality brand of litter that is comfortable, safe, and liked by cats. Pawpaw Up’s products are specifically made to cater to animals. We guarantee that our products are hygienic, non-toxic, portable, comfortable, and loved by your animals. Looking for some cat litter to use with your newly bought cat tray, check out our cat litter products.