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Select The Right Harness For Your Pet

It is very important to choose a leash that is suitable for your pet. The right leash will allow your pet to go out safely and comfortably, and it will also help the owner to have better control of their pet. Every owner has made the mistake of choosing a leash for their pet more or less . Today we will give you a brief introduction to the most common types of leash and their features.

1. Adjustable Step-in Harnesses

Step in harnesses are the most comfortable harnesses. It is ideal for smaller pets that are not "strong pullers". It reduces discomfort when walking to a large extent by wrapping around the pet's chest and back. It also gives you a bit more control of your pet. Please make sure that you correctly adjust the straps to give your pet the most comfort. Recommended for low-medium activity pets pets.

Comfort: 5 stars
Anti-pulling: 3 stars
Safety: 5 stars

TouchDog Step-in Harness:

Bow Style Cat Harness:

2. Adjustable Collar Style Harnesses:

Collar type harnesses have some control over the pet. They are slightly less comfortable than the chest and back harnesses. The most common flat-buckle collar is ideal for pets that can walk beside their owners. If your pet is not a "strong puller" or a "escape artists", then the collar harness is the best choice for you.

Comfort: 4 stars
Anti-pulling: 3 stars
Safety: 4 stars

TouchDog Collar Harnesses:

TouchDog Jelly PVC Collar Harnesses:

P-Harness + Chest and Back Harness

This type of harness is unique. It is a leash that can be used for both purposes.It can be used as a collar or as a chest harness. It is comfy and pulling-resistant. If you use it as a P-Harness, it will provide more control to you on your pet. If you use it as a chest harness, it will allow your pet walk comfortably and safely.

Comfort: 5 stars
Anti-pulling: 4 stars
Safety: 4 stars

Touchdog Dual Purpose Harnesses:

The benefits of choosing the right pet harness will help you to better control your pet when walking on street. Stopping them from pulling, running, escaping or even hurting others. A suitable harness will also help you to train your pet on how do they walk with you. 

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