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Where to Buy Best Pet Mat & Pet Carrier?

We have all been guilty of taking a nice relaxing nap in the afternoon on a weekend or weekday and enjoyed the afternoon sun as we relaxed and dozed off. Just like humans, animals also like to have a bit of a snooze in the afternoon, cats especially. That is why you should consider buying an adorable pet mat. Pawpawup have a plethora of pet mats and are some of the cutest pet mats you could buy for your lovely animal friend to sleep during the night, or for a quick cozy afternoon nap. Listed below are some of PawPawUp’s recommendations and our customer favourites!

ZeZe Pet Mat

ZeZe pet mats is a customer favourite and animals love the comfort and adorable designs! These pet mats are one of the most comfortable pet mats on the market! With simple design concepts combined with cute animal shapes and with a quality ice silk fabric providing a comfortable nap or sleep in any season. The silk fabric is stuffed with PP cotton that allows the pet mat to be stretchy and breathable allowing your pet to fully relax and immerse itself in a comfortable nap. ZeZe pet mats are one of the most quality pet mats you can get your animal and are guaranteed to make your adorable companion love them!



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Looking for something little different? Why note check out ZeZe Teepee Pet Tent. Although it may come off as bold and different to your pet mats, it is one of the reasons why it is a unique pet mat! One of the most comfortable pet mats to allow furry animals to slumber, rest and purr. The tent quality and the pillow are soft and easy on your cat’s fur and composed of quality material ensuring its durability. Moreover, the Cat tent comes with a hanging toy to keep your cat occupied having fun or sleeping.



PURROOM pet mats are another fan favourite among animals and pet lovers. With a very simplistic design but high-quality material a perfect pet mat is created for the ultimate comfortability! With its simplistic look, it is a stylish accessory for your pet to enjoy as well as adding a bit of jovial joy to your home. The quality of the pet mat allows for comfortable naps across all seasons and is perfect for larger cats. Moreover, as a pet mat, the PURROOM also acts as a scratchpad. A pet mat and a scratchpad, 2 for 1!

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At Pawpawup, we pride ourselves as a pet store capable of providing your loveable companion with quality pet products. A plethora of pet mats waits for you!


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