Collection: Pet Nest and Bed

comfortable bed for your pets to stay

Looking for portable, waterproof, ergonomic and a functional pet mat? PawpawUp is proud to offer an assortment of animal pet nests. Our pet nests are comfortable, affordable, and highly popular among animal lovers and animals themselves. With cute and adorable designs resembling fruits or animals our Pet Mats are bound to make you rejoice with any option. Our most popular options are the ZeZe Ice Silk Seal Pet Nest and PURROOM Little Chick Style Deep Sleep Pet Nest.

Pets, especially cats love to lie down during the middle of the day and soak up some natural sunlight, they prefer a comfortable and warm area, so why not amp up that extra comfort for them by buying a pet mat. Pet mats can become an animal’s favourite area to rest and relax, they also deter your pet especially cats from tearing any leather furniture you may have.

PawPawUp’s products are specifically made to cater for animals. We guarantee that our products are hygienic, non-toxic, portable, comfortable, and loved by your animals. Looking for a pet mat for your beloved pet to lie down and relax, visit our selection of pet mats and buy one that will make your pet filled with joy.


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