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Winter Pet Accessories

With winter officially beginning, the season of chilly cold for Australians and pets has arrived. Cold, dry air, freezing temperatures and extremely cold breezes. Winter can be quite an uncomfortable season for many, that is why you should consider affording quality pet accessories for your furry friend!

Cat Scratchers and Cat Trees

Cats are extremely fun and adventurous animals when provided with the correct environment to allow their playful nature to come out. Give your cat some love with some of our new arrivals in the cat scratcher and cat tree collection! Winter for cats vary depending on their breed and cold tolerance. Nevertheless, when subjected to cold conditions, it can be very harsh for cats. Cats do become lazier in winter and prefer a warm place to sleep to maintain their body temperature. A cat scratcher and cat tree can keep them well occupied whilst they are indoors allowing them to be healthy as they stay indoors with a little bit of exercise. Remember, not all cats are the same and not all cat scratchers or cat trees will evoke a desired reaction that you want, being able to understand what your cat likes, and dislikes is key to allowing them to like a cat tree or cat scratcher which in turn keeps them away from your furniture.

Pet Bowls

As it is winter, cats do sleep more, but they also eat a lot more! Colder season means they require more nutrition as they burn more calories and require more water! Get your cat an adequate pet bowl that can satisfy their winter craving requirements. Ceramic pet bowls or stainless-steel pet bowls are a great option for the winter! These pet bowls are safer than the plastic option, but don’t just give your pets a boring pet bowl, give them something unique and different! Pet bowls can be fun in their design and unique that will allow cats to love eating and drinking from them!

Pet Mats

Winter causes cats to sleep for longer and when they sleep, they prefer to be in a ‘donut’ position for comfort and cosiness. Hence, a pet mat is the most appropriate for them this winter.

At Pawpawup, we pride ourselves as a pet store capable of providing your loveable friend or companion with quality pet products. With an assortment and variety of pet bowls, litter trays and accessories to cat tree, cat scratchers and many other quality pet products available! Most importantly, you and your pet are bound to love the products you purchase from our store. Get your lovable companion a bit of love this winter by upgrading or replacing worn down pet accessories today!

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