Collection: Litter Tray and Accessories

Cats are notoriously known for being clean animals. Luckily, domestic cats have retained this behaviour from their wild nature. Wild cats bury or cover their business other dominant cats or predatory animals will not know they are around. As a surviving mechanism that is ingrained in their behaviour pet cats will always require a cat litter box to tidy up their business. Even their young at a few weeks old are taught by their mothers to clean up after themselves.

A cat litter box allows cats to have a controlled environment that is secure for them to comfortably finish their business. Cat litter boxes provide a variety of benefits such as covering their tracks, preventing the smell, minimising dust, providing comfort for cats as well as keeping it all contained, easy to clean and consistently reusable with adequate care and cleaning. 

So with cats being clean and self grooming, they should also expect their surrounding environment to also be clean. A particular area they should expect to be clean is their cat litter box. A clean cat litter box not only helps a cat stay mentally and physically healthy, but it also allows them to remain interested in using it for doing their business. If a cat does not have a cat litter box, they may actually use another area of the house that is cleaner and do their business there creating an unwanted mess for you to clean up.

There is an assortment of cat litter boxes to choose from. A self-cleaning cat litter box, a normal cat litter box or a hooded cat litter box. Self-cleaning litter boxes however may terrify the cat and are expensive, a normal litter box or hooded litter box are generally more preferable. Try to find a litter box that has superior odour control, minimises dust and trains your cat to use the litter box.

We understand that cat litter boxes can be a bit difficult to choose from, there are a variety of different ones, but it mostly comes down to your pet’s preference. The litter itself should be consulted properly with a vet as well as a little trial and error to see which litter your cat prefers to use. Liner can be used to protect the tray as some cats like to dig in the litter before doing their business. Make sure the cat litter box is ample size and depending on what your cat likes it can be automatic, covered or open. It is really up to the cat’s preferences and hence why it involves a bit of trialling, you could talk with the pet shop owner before you set to buy a litter tray to see what they recommend.