Collection: Pet Carrier and Leash

Provide your furry friends with a comfortable, safe, and happy trip with pet carriers.

Pet carriers are useful for transportation and allowing your pet to have a sense of safety and comfort as it is taken to either a Vet or park. A carrier should offer durability, safety, and comfortability as well as being affordable. Pets react differently to carriers, some prefer a more open system, others prefer a bit of security, and each pet will have different needs. Pet carriers can also be different in terms of design, why go for a traditional-looking carrier, style it up with modernistic designs that you are guaranteed to love.

That is why you should have a browse through our selection of Pet Carriers. Pawpaw Up’s products are specifically made to cater to animals. We guarantee that our products are hygienic, non-toxic, portable, comfortable, and loved by your animals. Looking for a carrier that gets the job done, visit our website now!


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