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Natural Catnip & Polygonum Ball Cat Toys - Stress Relief for Delighted Cats

Natural Catnip & Polygonum Ball Cat Toys - Stress Relief for Delighted Cats

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Product Description

  • Ensure your feline friend's happiness with the Natural Catnip & Polygonum Toy Ball:

    Natural Ingredients: Made from natural polygonum and catnip, safe for cats.
  • Oral Hygiene: Assists in cleaning your cat's oral hygiene.
  • Mood Relaxant: Helps to relax their mood and stimulate their appetite.
  • Perfect Size: With a 7cm diameter, it's suitable for cats aged 4 months and above.
  • Entertainment: Offers hours of fun and entertainment for your cat.

    Product Feature

    -Relief stress
    -Clean tooth
    -Increase appetite
    -Lots of fun


    naturral catnip and polygonum


    7cm diameter (approx)

    Care Instruction

    Age: This is only suitable for cats older than 6 months old. Please do not use it for kittens and pregnant cats.

    Moderation: While catnip and polygonum are not considered harmful or addictive, it's best to offer them to your cat in moderation. Excessive exposure to catnip may lead to overstimulation or temporary behavioural changes.

    Sensitivity: Cats' reactions to catnip and polygonum can vary. Some cats may have a strong response to even small amounts, while others may not be affected at all. Start with a small amount to gauge your cat's sensitivity and adjust accordingly.

    Safety: Ensure that your catnip and Polygonum products are safe and free from harmful additives. Avoid using stale or mouldy catnip.

    Supervision: Supervising your cat while interacting with catnip and Polygonum toys is recommended to ensure they don't accidentally swallow or ingest any toy parts.

    Note for Pawrents

    Due to lighting, angles or device differences, the actual item might be slightly different in colours and sizes from the pictures. Please allow 1 to 3 cm inaccuracy, and please consider these factors before your purchase. Such issues are not product quality issues.


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