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The Important Cat Accessories You Need to Have

There are a plethora of animal products or accessories that you should buy with your new furry pet. From toys, pet food, litter trays, food bowls, carriers as well as other equipment, there can be an endless amount. That is why to make your lives easier here are some of the essential cat accessories you should consider purchasing for your cat.

Cat Scratcher

Cats are very playful animals and what a great facilitator of enjoyment and fun than Cat Trees or Cat Scratchers. Cat trees can be used by cats to play around, exercise, relax, sleep, or even scratch their claws. Many pets owners dread buying a cat or animal as their claws can scratch leather furniture, ruining the couch. Dedicated cat scratchers, deter cats from such acts as they can instead have a proper area for scratching whether it be their claws or fur, which means you don’t have to clean up their fur when it accumulates on your furniture.
At PawPawUp, we have a variety of cat scratchers or cat trees perfect for your new friends, check out our selection today!
cat scratcher & cat tree in Australia


Pet Bowl

Obviously when it comes to feeding your pet, the most important accessory to have is a dedicated feeding station for your pet. Pet bowls can come in different shapes and sizes and use different material. What’s important is that the pet bowl is safe for your pet to use and perfect for their size.

Check out our selection of pet bowls that are safe and approved for your pet!   

Pet Litter Tray

Making your home neat and tidy. Litter trays allows a cat or pet to do their business in a designated area where it keeps your house clean and makes it easy to clean up the area. Litter trays and litter itself are important for your cat or pet to use as it contains the smell and keeps the house consistently clean.  

At PawPawUp, come see our collection of litter trays as well as accessories that are not only adorable, but also durable and perfect for your cat!

Pet Carrier and Toys

Most owners might overlook this accessory for their pet, but a carrier is vital for cats or dogs or any other pet. Depending on a pet’s attitude they may be stressed easily in an unknown environment, so it is important to facilitate a secure and safe area for them to relax whilst they are transported to a different area such as a park or the Vet.

The most fun and enjoyable accessory are toys. Toys are one of the most enjoyable and easy to accessories whilst also ensuring you and your pet enjoy have a bonding time together.

Want to strengthen the bond between your pet, check out our cat toys or dog toys as well as consider a pet carrier appropriate for carrying them around.

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